Meeting minutes and next meeting 6.13.2024 6PM at Whitefish Community Library

The May meeting was on the first sunny day after a rainy spell, we had 2 new people, and everybody was bubbly.  We had Gary, Frank, Nelson, Sidney, Mitch who was new last time, and 2 new people Omar and Louie. 

Next meeting is 6.13.2024 6PM at
Whitefish Community Library

Dee documented the end of winter and eruption of spring close to home.

Frank traveled a little farther to photograph the sculpture at the entrance to the Blackfeet Reservation and a historic inn in Ferndale -- no, not that Ferndale, but the one in California.

Mitch also went to California to experience this ethereal sinuous road and a bird highlighting the bloom in Indian Wells.

Sidney compared his color images with B&W renditions, including a great blue heron and Mammoth Hot Springs in winter.  Campus protests are in the news again, as they were when Sidney photographed this one about Vietnam. 


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