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Meeting Minutes and Next meeting 12.14.2023 at Whitefish Library at 6PM

Our next meeting will be a holiday meeting, the second Thursday of the month Dec. 14.2023.  Bring a snack or sweet to share with the club, if you would like, as well as photos to share. Last Meeting we met at the Whitefish Community Library, and it was nice to be back to a simple life.  Although I was unprepared and did not bring a laptop, Dee saved the day.  She went home to get the laptop from her house.  Only a slight delay. Frank showed the club some great snow ghost shots, bison from the range and a shot of barrel racing Sidney showed us images from his photography workshop down south in Utah, I believe.  Close up desert shots, pictographs and a comparison between black and white and infared.  His teacher carries this frame around and uses it to look for shots that he likes.   I showed images from Egypt, before going I was unaware that it is an unsafe place, or that we would have a full time security guard with us traveling to the sites.  Our first guard was very nice and down pla