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Meeting Minutes from February Meeting and Next meeting 3.9.2023

 We had a nice meeting in February, 2023 and were greeted with an incredible sunset on the way to the meeting.  I wanted to grab a shot of the sunset, but was running late and decided not to. Jeff did get a great shot of it. Our next meeting is 3.9.2023, the second Thursday of the month at Whitefish Library at 6 PM.  We had a few new members to our meeting Pete and Diane Sabin, who are the parents to a long time friend Reid Sabin and Carl Hansen, a friend of Gary and Erin's. Marguerite started off the images with her shots from this year's Ski Joring.  Always a fun event, but this year was in the extreme cold.   Pete Sabin showed us a collection of different birds, bears, bison and more.  He also had a few shots from Glacier of the ice and historic  buildings. Dee showed the club some nice flower shots as a reminder that we will see the sun again.  We just might have to wait until summer!   Melissa brought in some photos from Senior photo shoots, some scenery shots and wildlif

Meeting Minutes from January and next meeting 2.9.2023

Our next meeting will be this Thursday 2.9.2023 at 6 PM at the Whitefish Library.  Please bring photos to share, either digital or printed.   Last month Frank showed some slides of the huge Snow Ghosts that we used to see on Big Mountain.  Really cool to see just how large they can get.   Myrna showed a few close up images of a Peony and this washboard.  She is working with her lighting and light box inside while we have not had the best weather outside to shoot. Dee also brought in some Macro shots.  The ice on her windows, liken and a tree that was injured.   Maguerite showed the club her Ski Joring practice shots.    I showed a few shots from the mountain, and inside a pretty expensive tree house.