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June Meeting Minutes and July 14th meeting at Whitefish Library 6:00 PM

Our next meeting will be at the Whitefish Library July 14th 6:00 PM.  Below are the meeting minutes from last month.   Madelynne and Melissa went up to Polebridge and the Bison range, where she found this bear and Bison. I had been planning to ski into Kintla Lake via computer for a long time.  The drone helped scout our route once we were up at Wurtz Cabin.  Over the river and through the woods.  It was 10 years ago that we had done the same ski, last time however we were wondering in a thick baby tree forest for some time looking for the Glacier road.  This time Jeff led us right to the Kintla road.  Six hours of skiing we made it back with just enough daylight to catch and incredible North Fork Sunset. Leanne brought a nice variety of subjects to club.  From our back yard, Glacier Park, to the baby fox kits near North Valley.  She told us the story of wanting to see wolves in wild for some time.  She was on the interior North Fork Road, where she came around the corner and found the