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Meeting Minutes from September and next meeting Oct 12th

We had a nice meeting this month and using the TV really makes it easy and look so much better than the projector!  Some of the images that we saw are shown below.   Our next meeting is October 12th, the 2nd Thursday of the month, at the Whitefish Library 6PM. Everything and everyone is talking about AI.  Will there be a need for jobs with AI?  Will AI replace this or that.  It is quite the time that we are living in.  Why am I talking about AI?  While for a long time in Photoshop, I wished that I could replace or fill in some not so nice looking grass.  While the time has come.  I updated my Photoshop and they now have add Generative Fill.  All you have to do is select an area of your photo and type in what you want to add, flowers, grass, whatever.  Then in literately 10 seconds, you have 3 new options.  These options already have shadows and look like they fit right into the image.  It is really incredible addition.  They also added the ability to change a vertical image into a hori

Meeting Minutes from August and next meeting 9.14.2023

Meeting Minutes from last month,  Myrna said they looked at images from Gary's trip to Africa.  They had issues with the old Vista laptop.  The good news is I found a laptop at the office and will donate that to camera club cause.   Next meeting is Sept. 14th, Thursday 6PM at Whitefish Community Library. Jeff and I flew into Benchmark, on the East side of the mountains.  There were no fire restrictions over there and we received an inch of rain.  We were stuck there an extra day and half because of the rain.   Check out our VIDEO> Check out these images that Daniel Kordan took from Peru of the Wave down there.  Incredible shots!  

Meeting minutes from July 23 and next meeting 8.10.2023

 Next meeting is 8.10.2023 2nd Thursday of August at Whitefish Community Library, 6pm. The July meeting was a great time to come in from the hail and thunderstorms and see a nice variety of strong  photos. Frank captured a stair-stepped waterfall and an antique truck. Dee showed native plants from hiking in the rain in the East Pioneers. Sidney's Colorado photos had an old time flair, including black and white images of horses and cowboys at full speed. Nelson came back to club, after many years. I'm sorry I can't show you a sampling of the wildlife photography from Brock who is visiting from Florida.  We gathered around his tablet to see stunning in flight images of birds, and other action poses amd portraits of birds, insects, and wildlife from Florida, Alaska, and all over the world. --Dee

Meeting Minutes from June, next meeting 7.13.2023 at Whitefish Community Library

Meeting Minutes from June, next meeting 7.13.2023 at Whitefish Community Library at 6 PM Our June meeting had lots of lively discussion on topics including equipment and recent photo ops, including wildlife. Bill captured an intimate moment between grizzlies, and an apartment buiding burning and gas tank exploding. The wildest creature was Frank's dragon at the Renaissance Fair and a kayaker at the Wild Mile. The wildest creature was Frank's dragon at the Renaissance Fair and a kayaker at the Wild Mile. Or maybe the wildest creatures are the unruly motherless fox kits that Dennis is documenting. Dee showed a flying squirrel and a close-up of liverworts.

Meeting Minutes from May and next meeting 6.8.2023

  Our next meeting will be 6.8.2023 at 6 PM at the Whitefish Library. Meeting minutes from May's meeting.   We had a great meeting last month, with a couple of new members.   Dee started off the slideshow, with some interesting Steerhead photos of a tiny flower.  She also showed the club her image that was printed in a double spread of Montana Outdoors! Frank brought a variety of shots ranging from Northern Lights, Hidden Lake and Bigfork Whitewater fest.  Which is coming up next weekend.   I showed a few of Ed's medium format shots that I have scanned, some Lacy shots and a few aerials. Myrna brought in owl shots orren T reppe also showed some great bird shots Tony showed a few bird shots

Meeting Minutes from April and next meeting 5.11.2023 at Whitefish Library

We had a nice meeting last month.  Gary brought some prints from his first time to Freeze Out Lake with Ed.  Always an amazing sight, the thousands of snow geese migrating.   Our next meeting is next Thursday 5.11.2023 at 6 PM at Whitefish Library. Dee showed some winter images of their skate skiing and time in the mountains.  She ended her shots with a few shots of color, beet salad, close up tulip and flowers in her yard. Dennis showed the club some of his birding shots.   I decided to show a few shots from my young dad, when he was in the military and traveled the world.  He help start Armed Forces radio and television in Korea.  I also brought a few of Ed's old slides from Albino basin in the Swan and a few aerials shots.