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Meeting Minutes and next meeting 1.11.2024 Cancelled due to Cold Weather

Cancelled due to Cold Weather We had a nice holiday meeting at the Whitefish Library.  Next meeting will be January 11th, 2024, 6 PM, 2nd Thursday of each month.  Hard to believe we are into 2024. Below are some of the photos that we saw last month. Dee showed images from winter.  Glad she has been able to find it!  Ice skating on the North shore of Flathead and climbing up Big Mountain. It was nice to see Val at our December meeting.  She brought images from the park, of the sky and things around town that peaked her interests. Tony showed a nice collection of night shots, a wide variety of bird shots and wildlife shots. He went over to Lake Coeur d'Alene, where this year over 400 eagles have been spotted for the migration.  Check out this site that has been tracking the numbers.  I finished up with my photos from the Holy Land.  Next meeting I will bring the rest of the photos from our journey to Jordan.  This is the birthplace of Jesus.  A Greek Orthodox church has been built o

Meeting Minutes and Next meeting 12.14.2023 at Whitefish Library at 6PM

Our next meeting will be a holiday meeting, the second Thursday of the month Dec. 14.2023.  Bring a snack or sweet to share with the club, if you would like, as well as photos to share. Last Meeting we met at the Whitefish Community Library, and it was nice to be back to a simple life.  Although I was unprepared and did not bring a laptop, Dee saved the day.  She went home to get the laptop from her house.  Only a slight delay. Frank showed the club some great snow ghost shots, bison from the range and a shot of barrel racing Sidney showed us images from his photography workshop down south in Utah, I believe.  Close up desert shots, pictographs and a comparison between black and white and infared.  His teacher carries this frame around and uses it to look for shots that he likes.   I showed images from Egypt, before going I was unaware that it is an unsafe place, or that we would have a full time security guard with us traveling to the sites.  Our first guard was very nice and down pla

Meeting Minutes and next meeting Nov. 9th, 6PM at the Wfish Library

Meeting Minutes 10/12/23  meeting report: We were concerned about Adele who was in Israel when the fighting broke out.  She is safe now, out of the country, and sent us a couple photos of troops, tanks, and a military blimp!  No word yet on whether she is changing her career to photojournalism. Frank found the new arbor great for portraying the energy of the powwow in Browning. Tony brought a variety of photographs, including dramatic weather events, but I was most taken by his bird images. Dee showed a spiral proboscis and a panorama of one runner coming and going. Our Next Meeting is the 9th at 6PM at the Whitefish Library, the Northern door with the rock holding it open.   We also were saddened to learn the passing of long time club member Bruce Ruby.  You can see his obituary HERE>   He enjoy showing the club aviation photos, and he also like to play around with telescope shots and photographing the night time sky. Below are some of Bruce's photos that he brought to club. La

Meeting Minutes from September and next meeting Oct 12th

We had a nice meeting this month and using the TV really makes it easy and look so much better than the projector!  Some of the images that we saw are shown below.   Our next meeting is October 12th, the 2nd Thursday of the month, at the Whitefish Library 6PM. Everything and everyone is talking about AI.  Will there be a need for jobs with AI?  Will AI replace this or that.  It is quite the time that we are living in.  Why am I talking about AI?  While for a long time in Photoshop, I wished that I could replace or fill in some not so nice looking grass.  While the time has come.  I updated my Photoshop and they now have add Generative Fill.  All you have to do is select an area of your photo and type in what you want to add, flowers, grass, whatever.  Then in literately 10 seconds, you have 3 new options.  These options already have shadows and look like they fit right into the image.  It is really incredible addition.  They also added the ability to change a vertical image into a hori