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Meeting Minutes from September and next meeting Oct 12th

We had a nice meeting this month and using the TV really makes it easy and look so much better than the projector!  Some of the images that we saw are shown below.   Our next meeting is October 12th, the 2nd Thursday of the month, at the Whitefish Library 6PM. Everything and everyone is talking about AI.  Will there be a need for jobs with AI?  Will AI replace this or that.  It is quite the time that we are living in.  Why am I talking about AI?  While for a long time in Photoshop, I wished that I could replace or fill in some not so nice looking grass.  While the time has come.  I updated my Photoshop and they now have add Generative Fill.  All you have to do is select an area of your photo and type in what you want to add, flowers, grass, whatever.  Then in literately 10 seconds, you have 3 new options.  These options already have shadows and look like they fit right into the image.  It is really incredible addition.  They also added the ability to change a vertical image into a hori