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August meeting minutes and next meeting 9.8.2022

Below are the meeting minutes from last club meeting.  We will meet again in September in the Whitefish Library 9.8.2022 6 PM Myrna (All photos were taken with Google Pixel 6 cell phone.)  Trillium on Sunday Falls Trail & Cat Madelynne showed her white lady slippers and private fireworks Leanne volunteers in Glacier Park.  She showed Glacier Mountains and clouds and Rocky Mountain Goat sleeping in a snow field in Glacier Dennis showed Dall sheep ram in Denali Park, Alaska and a Ptarmigan in a tree with a snowshoe hare leg in the treetop Dee showed images from her hike to Dawson Pitamaken.  She went with Dave who is pictured at the beginning of the hike and they ran into some Bighorn sheep on their travels. Gary brought a print from House of Fire Anasazi ruins in Southern Utah, printed on metallic paper.  

July Meeting Minutes and next meeting 8.11.2022

July's monthly meeting was at the Whitefish Library at 6 PM.  We will meet again next month August 11th, 2022 at 6 PM at the Whitefish Library.   We are looking for someone to run the projector, as I will not be able to attend the meeting.  The camera club projector is currently at my office on Highway 40. Frank Vestey started the show off with a nice mix of wildlife, graffiti art and dramatic landscapes. I showed images from my B25 trip around the valley, where I was able to sit in the nose gunner seat! Leanne showed her shots from Glacier Park.   Myrna closed off the show with some wild flower shots and the kits out at North Valley Hospital.