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12.10.2020 Glacier Camera Club Meeting via Google Meet

This month we will be doing our Christmas meeting via Google Meet.  You can use your phone to call in. There is no additional software needed. Some suggestions if you want to tune in.... If you are going to join from a computer without a camera - You can use the phone to dial into the phone number  Join by phone ‪(US) +1 336-715-1136‬ PIN: ‪159 640 168‬#  , please mute your computer speakers.  Then paste this link into a web browser If you are just going to use the phone to call in  Join by phone ‪(US) +1 336-715-1136‬ PIN: ‪159 640 168‬# If you have a laptop with a camera, speakers and mic - it sounds better if you have a headset with a mic, like the ones used on cell phones, if so please mute your computer sound, and plugin your headsets.  Then paste this link into a web browser See you then if you would like to show pictures please e-mail

11.12.2020 Glacier Camera Club First Virtual Meeting....

 Yesterday we had our first successful Online Glacier Camera Club meeting via Google Meet. It was fun and exciting that technology worked.  You do not need a camera to join.  It only requires a phone and a computer that you use to browse the Internet, if you want to see the other members. We started the show off with a memorial slideshow to Ed Gilliland, who was an integral part of our club.   If you want to take a flight over Glacier check out our video > we did a couple of weeks ago now. Ed Hunting Willie Ed and Nancy's son in Glacier Park Ed and Gary the peanut gallery Ed looking into his fridge of negatives Ed and Howard Greene, presenting Ferde Greene's Photos to the MT Veteran's Home Ed and Howard Greene, presenting Ferde Greene's Photos to the MT Veteran's Home Looking at Collections Online Crew from Camera club Christmas Camera Club Gift Exchange Christmas Camera Club Gift Exchange Christmas Camera Club Gift Exchange Ed's Photo Ed's Photo Ed's

March 12th Meeting Minutes.....

Chuck Haney kicked off our March meeting with spectacular bird portraits and action from Florida. We enjoyed his inviting photographs from Ireland and Czech Republic making beautiful use of the mixed lighting of twilight and wet cobblestone reflections in the old cities. Thank you, Chuck!!  It is hard to think about travel right now, but with all this time around the house it is a good time to check out Chuck's web site. Our camera club regulars showed an impressive variety of photos, too. --Dee We will have to see if we can have our next meeting April 9th.  I will send out another e-mail as of right now they are saying not have to have gatherings more than 10 people.  David Armer Derek Houseworth Jane Rosella

March 12th, 2020 Meeting Chuck Haney local travel photographer.....

A HUGE Thank you for Sumio Harada for sharing his love for mountains goats with our club.  Sharing his photography and video to our club of his work. He said I could share his e-mail with the club if members had questions for him .  I am still thinking it would be a great experience to hire him for a few hours and have him lead us on a photo journey in the park.  Any takers?  Check out his web site> It was challenging to continue the program with member photos after being completely submerged into Sumio's world of living with wildlife.  A few brave members showed some pics. Adele & Jeff Dee Blank Frank Vestey Val Next meeting March 12th, 2020 Chuck Haney local travel photographer will be another special presentation.....@ Pin & Cue 6:30 PM Chuck Haney is a professional freelance photographer/writer/videographer based in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Whitefish, Montana.   Chuck travels extensively across the