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Meeting Minutes from May and next meeting 6.8.2023

  Our next meeting will be 6.8.2023 at 6 PM at the Whitefish Library. Meeting minutes from May's meeting.   We had a great meeting last month, with a couple of new members.   Dee started off the slideshow, with some interesting Steerhead photos of a tiny flower.  She also showed the club her image that was printed in a double spread of Montana Outdoors! Frank brought a variety of shots ranging from Northern Lights, Hidden Lake and Bigfork Whitewater fest.  Which is coming up next weekend.   I showed a few of Ed's medium format shots that I have scanned, some Lacy shots and a few aerials. Myrna brought in owl shots orren T reppe also showed some great bird shots Tony showed a few bird shots

Meeting Minutes from April and next meeting 5.11.2023 at Whitefish Library

We had a nice meeting last month.  Gary brought some prints from his first time to Freeze Out Lake with Ed.  Always an amazing sight, the thousands of snow geese migrating.   Our next meeting is next Thursday 5.11.2023 at 6 PM at Whitefish Library. Dee showed some winter images of their skate skiing and time in the mountains.  She ended her shots with a few shots of color, beet salad, close up tulip and flowers in her yard. Dennis showed the club some of his birding shots.   I decided to show a few shots from my young dad, when he was in the military and traveled the world.  He help start Armed Forces radio and television in Korea.  I also brought a few of Ed's old slides from Albino basin in the Swan and a few aerials shots.