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August meeting minutes and next meeting 9.8.2022

Below are the meeting minutes from last club meeting.  We will meet again in September in the Whitefish Library 9.8.2022 6 PM Myrna (All photos were taken with Google Pixel 6 cell phone.)  Trillium on Sunday Falls Trail & Cat Madelynne showed her white lady slippers and private fireworks Leanne volunteers in Glacier Park.  She showed Glacier Mountains and clouds and Rocky Mountain Goat sleeping in a snow field in Glacier Dennis showed Dall sheep ram in Denali Park, Alaska and a Ptarmigan in a tree with a snowshoe hare leg in the treetop Dee showed images from her hike to Dawson Pitamaken.  She went with Dave who is pictured at the beginning of the hike and they ran into some Bighorn sheep on their travels. Gary brought a print from House of Fire Anasazi ruins in Southern Utah, printed on metallic paper.  

July Meeting Minutes and next meeting 8.11.2022

July's monthly meeting was at the Whitefish Library at 6 PM.  We will meet again next month August 11th, 2022 at 6 PM at the Whitefish Library.   We are looking for someone to run the projector, as I will not be able to attend the meeting.  The camera club projector is currently at my office on Highway 40. Frank Vestey started the show off with a nice mix of wildlife, graffiti art and dramatic landscapes. I showed images from my B25 trip around the valley, where I was able to sit in the nose gunner seat! Leanne showed her shots from Glacier Park.   Myrna closed off the show with some wild flower shots and the kits out at North Valley Hospital.

June Meeting Minutes and July 14th meeting at Whitefish Library 6:00 PM

Our next meeting will be at the Whitefish Library July 14th 6:00 PM.  Below are the meeting minutes from last month.   Madelynne and Melissa went up to Polebridge and the Bison range, where she found this bear and Bison. I had been planning to ski into Kintla Lake via computer for a long time.  The drone helped scout our route once we were up at Wurtz Cabin.  Over the river and through the woods.  It was 10 years ago that we had done the same ski, last time however we were wondering in a thick baby tree forest for some time looking for the Glacier road.  This time Jeff led us right to the Kintla road.  Six hours of skiing we made it back with just enough daylight to catch and incredible North Fork Sunset. Leanne brought a nice variety of subjects to club.  From our back yard, Glacier Park, to the baby fox kits near North Valley.  She told us the story of wanting to see wolves in wild for some time.  She was on the interior North Fork Road, where she came around the corner and found the

May Meeting Minutes and June 9th Meeting at the library...

We are in luck!  We were able to book the library meeting room again for our June 9th meeting. Please allow each member to comment on their own photos first....each photo has a story to tell.     Our May meeting was full of discoveries.   Gary found a fox den with four adorable kits playing while their parents were out, and showed photos of pronghorn wrestling, and bighorn sheep together with wild horses! Dee found objects shaped like letters of the alphabet - which I recommend as a visual exercise - much harder and much more fun than expected.   Madelynne found a new waterfall - West Fork Falls on the Kootenai Forest, and was able to capture this spring's aurora in spite of a stiff wind.  My favorites were her atmospheric frost images. The Lens of Ed Gilliland show at the Northwest Montana History Museum was fun and impressive with lots of character, kind of like Ed himself.  It was a heartwarming gathering of friends of Ed as well as a remarkable display of his technical expertis

May 11, The Lens of Ed Gilliland May 12, Glacier Camera Club Monthly Meeting....

  Next week we will have our monthly meeting May 12th, Thursday at 6 PM at the Whitefish Library.   Wed, May 11th at the Northwest Montana History Museum in Kalispell , there will be a slideshow and art display of Ed Gilliland's work .   After a six-month delay, the Northwest Montana History Museum is proud to present a much anticipated, can't-miss showing of the E.B. Gilliland Photography Collection. The Museum will be offering a glace through The Lens of Ed Gilliland on Wednesday, May 11th, from 7 to 9 pm at the Northwest Montana History Museum. Photography historian and NWMTHS board member Arne Boveng will present a “analog film night” of Ed s photography as the main event of the evening and an unofficial public unveiling of this remarkable collection. This will not be your typical digital or Kodak Carousel slide show - all the slides that Arne will present are larger format, at least two or three times larger than the typical 35 mm. The brilliance, clarity, and pr

Meeting Minutes from April 2022 & May 12, 2022 Meeting

     The current cold snap did not deter our April gathering of enthusiastic photographers!   Fortunately, we will again be able to use the community room at the Whitefish Library for our May meeting, Thursday, May 12 at 6 pm.  Join us! Gary brought his huge shimmering prints of wildlife in Africa, including an elegant image of the largest antelope specie.  After admiring for a while, you notice the oxpecker on its back!   --Dee Myrna gave us a head start on spring with brilliant flower photos, bighorn portraits, and the Garden of One Thousand Buddhas. Also frozen in time were some bicycles found by our newest member Corky, along with frame-filling graceful birds, cosmopolitan images, and a fresh composition in Washington DC. Dee froze a moment in time at a stream in Glacier Park and the huge powder dump of Big Mountain's closing day. After terrifying us with captures of ski jouring falls and crashes, Marguerite reassured us that no people or animals were harmed.  

Whitefish Library 4.14.2022 at 6 PM Thursday evening

Just a quick update to post our next meeting time.   Whitefish Library 4.14.2022 at 6 PM Thursday evening We are still in search of another meeting location.  If anyone has ideas please bring them to our next meeting.

March 22nd Camera Club Meeting Minutes....

Glacier Camera Club held its first in-person meeting in many months! What a fun reunion!  Happy conversation filled the air.  Thanks to all of you for help setting up and coaxing the old camera club laptop and projector to adapt to a new location.  We liked the newly remodeled library community room very much, but the library's policy does not let us lock in an on-going reservation.  We will meet again next month, April 14th at the library.     Hot topics of conversation included:  the new herd bull elk at the Bison Range, and lions and bighorns on Wild Horse Island. Gary brought his huge beautiful prints including one of an island made of turtles.   Frank showed a celebratory jam session at the Polebridge Northern Lights Saloon and magic hour light on snowghosts.   Dee documented a properly equipped Whitefish car and the surface of city beach after the Penguin Plunge.   Madelynne showed the soft colors of rose petals, and the monochrome of her multi-pupose Halloween Christmas phot