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March 12th, 2020 Meeting Chuck Haney local travel photographer.....

A HUGE Thank you for Sumio Harada for sharing his love for mountains goats with our club.  Sharing his photography and video to our club of his work. He said I could share his e-mail with the club if members had questions for him .  I am still thinking it would be a great experience to hire him for a few hours and have him lead us on a photo journey in the park.  Any takers?  Check out his web site> It was challenging to continue the program with member photos after being completely submerged into Sumio's world of living with wildlife.  A few brave members showed some pics. Adele & Jeff Dee Blank Frank Vestey Val Next meeting March 12th, 2020 Chuck Haney local travel photographer will be another special presentation.....@ Pin & Cue 6:30 PM Chuck Haney is a professional freelance photographer/writer/videographer based in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Whitefish, Montana.   Chuck travels extensively across the