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May Meeting Minutes and June 9th Meeting at the library...

We are in luck!  We were able to book the library meeting room again for our June 9th meeting. Please allow each member to comment on their own photos first....each photo has a story to tell.     Our May meeting was full of discoveries.   Gary found a fox den with four adorable kits playing while their parents were out, and showed photos of pronghorn wrestling, and bighorn sheep together with wild horses! Dee found objects shaped like letters of the alphabet - which I recommend as a visual exercise - much harder and much more fun than expected.   Madelynne found a new waterfall - West Fork Falls on the Kootenai Forest, and was able to capture this spring's aurora in spite of a stiff wind.  My favorites were her atmospheric frost images. The Lens of Ed Gilliland show at the Northwest Montana History Museum was fun and impressive with lots of character, kind of like Ed himself.  It was a heartwarming gathering of friends of Ed as well as a remarkable display of his technical expertis