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Meeting Minutes from April 2022 & May 12, 2022 Meeting

     The current cold snap did not deter our April gathering of enthusiastic photographers!   Fortunately, we will again be able to use the community room at the Whitefish Library for our May meeting, Thursday, May 12 at 6 pm.  Join us! Gary brought his huge shimmering prints of wildlife in Africa, including an elegant image of the largest antelope specie.  After admiring for a while, you notice the oxpecker on its back!   --Dee Myrna gave us a head start on spring with brilliant flower photos, bighorn portraits, and the Garden of One Thousand Buddhas. Also frozen in time were some bicycles found by our newest member Corky, along with frame-filling graceful birds, cosmopolitan images, and a fresh composition in Washington DC. Dee froze a moment in time at a stream in Glacier Park and the huge powder dump of Big Mountain's closing day. After terrifying us with captures of ski jouring falls and crashes, Marguerite reassured us that no people or animals were harmed.  

Whitefish Library 4.14.2022 at 6 PM Thursday evening

Just a quick update to post our next meeting time.   Whitefish Library 4.14.2022 at 6 PM Thursday evening We are still in search of another meeting location.  If anyone has ideas please bring them to our next meeting.