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November meeting minutes and our next meeting 12.8.2022

Next meeting is 12.8.2022 at Whitefish Library at 6 PM in the Northwest room.   We had a nice meeting, Dwayne showed us his prints of "Harold", the large elk that has been poached from the Bison Range.  He had been photographing the bull for years and had a special connection to him.  Click HERE> to see the article about it in the Daily Interlake. I showed a few fall aerial shots, one of Hungry Horse Reservoir and Stanton Glacier. Dee showed some images of winter that came on top of the larch needles.  She also showed images from a smokey skies and goats on the ridge. Myrna showed some images of her new product cube, which allows you take pics of products without shadows.  She also showed a few fall shots. Leann showed some pics from the park.  A few night time shots, bears, humming birds and more.