Meeting Minutes and next meeting Nov. 9th, 6PM at the Wfish Library

Meeting Minutes 10/12/23  meeting report:

We were concerned about Adele who was in Israel when the fighting broke out.  She is safe now, out of the country, and sent us a couple photos of troops, tanks, and a military blimp!  No word yet on whether she is changing her career to photojournalism.

Frank found the new arbor great for portraying the energy of the powwowin Browning.

Tony brought a variety of photographs, including dramatic weather events, but I was most taken by his bird images.

Dee showed a spiral proboscis and a panorama of one runner coming and going.

Our Next Meeting is the 9th at 6PM at the Whitefish Library, the Northern door with the rock holding it open.  

We also were saddened to learn the passing of long time club member Bruce Ruby.  You can see his obituary HERE>  He enjoy showing the club aviation photos, and he also like to play around with telescope shots and photographing the night time sky. Below are some of Bruce's photos that he brought to club.

Last meeting photos


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