Meeting minutes from July 23 and next meeting 8.10.2023

 Next meeting is 8.10.2023 2nd Thursday of August at Whitefish Community Library, 6pm.

The July meeting was a great time to come in from the hail and thunderstorms and see a nice variety of strong  photos.

Frank captured a stair-stepped waterfall and an antique truck.

Dee showed native plants from hiking in the rain in the East Pioneers.

Sidney's Colorado photos had an old time flair, including black and white images of horses and cowboys at full speed.

Nelson came back to club, after many years.

I'm sorry I can't show you a sampling of the wildlife photography from Brock who is visiting from Florida.  We gathered around his tablet to see stunning in flight images of birds, and other action poses amd portraits of birds, insects, and wildlife from Florida, Alaska, and all over the world.



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