Meeting Minutes from May and next meeting 6.8.2023

Our next meeting will be 6.8.2023 at 6 PM at the Whitefish Library.

Meeting minutes from May's meeting.  
We had a great meeting last month, with a couple of new members.  

Dee started off the slideshow, with some interesting Steerhead photos of a tiny flower.  She also showed the club her image that was printed in a double spread of Montana Outdoors!

Frank brought a variety of shots ranging from Northern Lights, Hidden Lake and Bigfork Whitewater fest. 
Which is coming up next weekend.  

I showed a few of Ed's medium format shots that I have scanned, some Lacy shots and a few aerials.

Myrna brought in owl shots

orren T reppe also showed some great bird shots

Tony showed a few bird shots


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