10.13.2022 Meeting Minutes and next meeting 11.10.2022

October has brought amazing weather, but not the best fall colors this year.  I'll take the extended summer.  

10.13.2022 Meeting minutes and 11.10.2022 November meeting will be at the Whitefish Library 6 PM in the Northwest door. 

Many of us have noticed that fall colors are muted this year because it has been so dry, so this month, wildlife was a recurring theme.

Myrna caught some great sandhill crane action, a turkey with wings spread, pronghorn, and wild-looking mushrooms.

Dee showed some very small wildlife and a favorite way to enjoy Glacier Park.

Sidney also captured elegant sandhill crane interactions, and dappled lighting in gardens in Paris.

Duane impressed us by bringing big vibrant frame-filling prints of bears, moose, and an elk with freshly-shed velvet on his first time at camera club.


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